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THIS CONTEST IS OVER! But feel free to still do the challenge if you want. :D


It's been a long time since we've had a drawing challenge around here, so let's do something that will test your skills AND help the general drawing community!

As many of you probably know, finding references for multiple people can be tough. It's also a good exercise to compose multiple figures into one image! This challenge aims to both help you practice your multi-figure skills AND help the community have more resources for this type of composition!

How To Enter!

  1. Create a line art drawing with 5 or more full body figures together using SenshiStock images as the reference.
  2. Submit your composition under the Resources & Stock Images -> Line-art & Character Templates section, OR the appropriate pixel base section, with a Creative Commons license. In the Artist's Comments, link to the SenshiStock poses that you used so people can go back to check them for additional information if they want to use your composition.
  3. The contest portion of this challenge is over, but you can still do it for fun and you'll be helping other artists, too!

Additional Notes

  • Submitting to Creative Commons means you will allow people to use your submissions for their art. This means your work may be traced, vectored, referenced, pixeled, copied, redistributed, etc. (but it should always be with credit!). If you are not willing to allow people to use your work in this manner, please do not enter the contest.  You choose the CC license near the bottom of your submission in the section called "Publishing Options."
  • You can modify the poses somewhat to fit the composition as long as you started with something inspired by SenshiStock for each pose.
  • "Together" means there should be some overlap in the poses so they work as a cohesive group. Some parts of the poses might be obscured for compositional purposes, but they should generally be full body.
  • Any medium is okay, so long as the figure's outlines are clear. You can have additional form definition like cross contour or shading if you want, but it's not required. Don't add on any hair or outfits that obscure the form.


Prizes will be awarded randomly to eligible participants. I will give out as many prizes as I can! Each token counts as an entry so you increase your odds of winning by doing additional figures. Prizes include, but are not limited to:
For physical items, shipping is free worldwide. If you have any questions, please ask me. HAPPY DRAWING! :happybounce:
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We had an open heart interview with this amazing person, we are sure many can get inspired from reading his interview.

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Hi there everyone!
We are thinking of doing a contest here very soon but want more participation on the stocker side (and of course on the art side) from you our members and watchers. So we thought we'd ask what contest themes you are interested in! How do you want your stock used? Do you have a great idea for using another member's stock and want to see what others come up with?
We would also like to start working up a nice prize list so if you are willing to donate journal features, points, subs, art commissions, exclusive stock packs etc.
Please let us know!
It's all about group participation :love: lets have a great contest!
Just a reminder, ladies, please choose a folder when making submissions. Do NOT submit to "Featured."

Also, we're not going accept your entire shoot. Just one or two shots unless there's a drastic difference in costume or props or a second model. So please pick your favorite shots and just submit those.
The winners are as followers:

1st LT-Arts

2nd WyldAngel

3rd Miss-Shadow-Penguin

If you ladies would contact me so we can work out your prizes that would be awesome.